We may not have been in business long, but Taste of Italy Gatlinburg has already received some great reviews about ouR Italian food, pizza, and service.  Come on in, try some of our authentic, homemade Italian dishes and delicious pizza, then visit Yelp  or TripAdvisor  to let us know what you think.


Trip Adviser Award

review of taste of italy – Chad F.

After reading extensive reviews of Taste of Italy, and because my wife is a trained Italian chef (graduated in Florence) we decided to give this restaurant a try. It really excels in a few different areas. The first is in d├ęcor and cleanliness. The inside is charming and painted in bright colors. The restaurant seems impeccably clean, and when I saw others leaving the crew was quick to tidy up and keep a pristine looking establishment. 

Next would be the service. I don’t recall the waitress’ name, but I’m sure she’d remember us because she talked extensively with my wife about her chef background. The waitress was kind, attentive, and kept our drinks and teas full. She also made recommendations and when she did, she described the food color, texture and taste so that you know she had actually tried the food, and actually gave a thoughtful recommendation on the best dishes.

I ordered an Italian combo plate of sorts, which came with chicken parm and lasagna. By far what I would probably order on a repeat visit would be the lasagna, even though everything was great. The lasagna was cheesy, spicy and had a great tomato sauce. The before-dinner salad was really good, and I might recommend the house speciality Italian dressing, which I’m told is made from scratch on site. It did taste as though it was.

One of my kids got a salad, and the other got the lasagna plate. Both cleaned the plate, so I’m assuming they enjoyed it.

My wife got the chicken alfredo. It was large portion and she said she could tell that the cheese and cream ratio was about perfect (ah, you know those chefs!) The chicken was cooked to her specifications, and the noodles were also cooked to her specifications. She did state that it was true, authentic Italian, and that as a real Italian chef she would be proud to have cooked this herself.

So, we agree with the overall high ratings. Be prepared for big portions, good sauce, may even get 2 meals out of it, and it does re-heat well.


If you want LOTS of good Italian food, come here. 

We had Lasagna, Chicken Alfredo & Chicken Parmesan. They came with salads and bread. We ordered Fried calamari which came with an outstanding sauce. 

Our waitress was timely, friendly and very accommodating. She appeared happy to work there and it reflected in her manner. 

It was cozy and warm inside. The owners were so friendly and interested in how our experience had been. 

I can’t say enough great things about it. 

Remember to bring your own wine. They will happily serve it to you without a cork fee. 

I have left overs to last me all day tomorrow!!!